A Survival Story

For this edition of our News Post, we are going to pivot and share a personal, human-interest story and the associated importance of CPR training.

Recently, one of our associates at PFB had a health emergency that rendered her unconscious as her heart had stopped. Fortunately, her son was home and was able to call 911 and perform CPR for 4 ½ minutes until the ambulance arrived. Our associate survived and is on the road to recovery which we are all grateful for. The doctors at the hospital said that had her son not known and performed CPR, she would have passed away.

PFB has long supported the American Red Cross. They offer many classes and courses including CPR, First Aid, AED and others, all for a minimal cost. PFB urges all of you to get trained in CPR or take a refresher class if you haven’t taken one in a while, it could very well save a life! Please visit the American Red Cross website at https://www.redcross.org/ for more information or to make a donation.