It’s all about the SERVICE

Providing good service isn’t an option these days, it’s a requirement. Although many companies say they provide good service, what does that actually mean and how does it benefit the customer? With Premium Finance Brokerage we can answer those questions.

Premium Finance Brokerage is committed to the strictest ethical and service standards while offering the most competitive markets in the premium finance industry. It is our sole objective to provide our customers the best possible experience with the highest degree of integrity. We provide many services with specific benefits including:

  • Concierge Service Plus suite of services to minimize cancellations, assist with the quoting process and maximize your premium finance assets
  • One source and one point of contact for all your premium finance needs simplifies the process for your agency
  • Access to several National and Regional providers to ensure you are getting the best offerings for your insureds
  • We work for YOU and represent the finance providers so you have a team of industry veteran experts working for you throughout the entire premium finance process
  • If our customer service does not meet your standards, we will refund 100% of our gross profit on that particular transaction. 

If you haven’t worked with us recently or ever, we would love the opportunity to earn your business. Please contact us at or 866-381-6501 to see how we can help you streamline your premium finance process and maximize your agency’s potential. We work for YOU!