Alternative Lending

Have you ever had a situation where a policy, premium or balance due to the agency doesn’t fit into what the premium finance company finances? If so, read on as Premium Finance Brokerage (PFB) has solutions!

Some examples of items that may not fit are short-term policies, non-financeable fees or policies written by unrated carriers. In these situations, the client would have to pay for them in full, use an existing credit line or apply for a new loan from their bank. None of these options are ideal for the client. PFB can help with alternatives! We have expertise and experience helping many insureds with situations like these and we very likely would be able to help your clients in similar situations.

Also, with year-end fast approaching, it is time to get your agency’s house in order. That can mean getting those client audit balances or additional premiums paid for and generally cleaning up your books and accounts receivable. PFB has alternative lending solutions to help your agency do any of that! We have also helped insurance agencies obtain agency loans for acquisitions or other agency needs outside of traditional premium financing.

Please contact us to discuss how PFB can help your agency and your clients with alternative sources of lending for special needs situations. We work for YOU! 866-381-6501 or