Financing Seasonal Insurance Policies

At different times throughout the year, particularly now, you can run across seasonal policies or businesses that need financing. If so, please don’t get frustrated or intimidated by these accounts. Although different, they are not outside of the realm of premium financing and PFB is here to help.

Some of the more common examples of seasonal policies or business include snow removal, ski resorts and golf courses. Each one can present unique challenges with placing the insurance as well as finding payment options for the insured. PFB can help you obtain payment options for seasonal business or policies.

Payment options can include the insured paying in full if they have the substantial funds on hand to do so. Absent that, PFB can help arrange for premium financing. Premium financing can involve setting up a customized payment schedule to align with the revenue stream of the insured so that payments are easier to afford when insured cash flow is highest. In some cases, the premium may be fully earned or the policy may have an unusually high minimum earned premium component. In these cases, PFB can work with you to develop a customized financing option that can work for the insured, agent and premium finance company. PFB has the experience, creativity and resources to get most of these policies financed and paid for.

Financing seasonal policies can be a challenge and require a little more effort in order to secure but PFB has the solutions for these types of situations. Please contact your PFB representative or get in touch with us at 866-381-6501 or