Beating the Competition with PFB

Beating the competition is what business it is all about. Keeping your existing accounts and winning new ones is the only way your agency will survive over the long run and Premium Finance Brokerage (PFB) is dedicated to helping you, the insurance agency, do exactly that.

There are many ways that PFB can help you beat the competition. Here we outline several key ways we can do that.

  • Complete a Premium Finance Physical with PFB if you haven’t done so recently or ever. The PFB Physical link here is a comparative analysis tool that we created to provide a clear picture of your current premium finance program and offers recommendations for improvement. Having the most competitive and appropriate program for your book of business is critical in ensuring success for your agency. With our portfolio of premium finance companies, we can work with you to find the best program for your premium finance needs.

  • Ask us about our Concierge Serve Plus (CSP) program. This cutting-edge program was designed to help you manage your premium finance assets, maximize your profitability and minimize or eliminate much of the work required by the agency to do so. Ask us about how our CSP program can help your agency today!

  • Offer premium financing to every client and prospect, even if they have not financed before. This is critical in retaining clients because you never know when the client might have a more pressing need to use their capital. It also shows new and existing clients that you are working for them by providing them with options to help them pay for what can be one of the largest expenses a business has, their insurance. And remember, if you don’t offer premium financing, your competition very likely will.

If you are not currently working with PFB, we would love the opportunity to earn your business. Anyone interested in learning more about how PFB can help you beat the competition, please call us at 866-381-6501 or email us at