Zero Down Payment on Additional Premiums

If you write trucking accounts, specialize in transportation or have any commercial business with endorsements you know how challenging those accounts can be. Premium Finance Brokerage (PFB) has solutions for you! One of them is the ability to finance additional premiums with no additional down payment.

By not having to collect an additional down payment (limitations apply) you can simply add the entire additional premium to the existing financed account. This will make the process of paying for the additional premium easier and eliminate the need to wait for the insured to cut a check or deal with ACH or credit card payments to come in. This will require less time and effort by the agency thereby making the process more efficient and reducing expense related to servicing the account.

With zero down payments, our proprietary Concierge Service Plus program and our associates working for YOU, managing your premium financed accounts has never been easier. For more information, please contact your PFB Sales Executive directly or inquire with us at or by phone at 866-381-6501.