Fending Off the Competition

In these ultra-competitive times with agents, brokers, direct writers and on-line platforms all competing for your accounts, it is imperative that you do everything you can to protect your existing business. Don’t become complacent. In addition to what you would normally do, be sure you are doing the following:

  • Make sure your client has the appropriate amount of coverage to meet their current needs.

  • Regularly check to ensure the premium being charged is competitive.

  • Provide value-add to your client by being a trusted resource to them for more than just basic insurance. Bring more to the relationship.

  • Be sure to offer premium payment options such as premium financing even if your client has never financed before.

Doing all of these things won’t guarantee that you keep all of your clients but it will make it much more likely that you do. You may just win more new business as well. Remember, if you don’t go above and beyond for your clients and prospects, someone else will!

For more information on how Premium Finance Brokerage can help you enhance your book of business, finance hard to place accounts and help you be a valued resource to your insureds via our network of premium finance companies, please contact us at 866-381-6501 or at info@premiumfinancebrokerage.com.