Financing Trucking and Transportation Insurance

Over the past year, trucking and transportation insurance has become an even more difficult niche in the insurance industry. Insurance carrier market options are declining while the ones that remain are making changes to underwriting criteria and increasing pricing. Insurance premium financing of trucking and transportation policies has similarly become even more challenging but Premium Finance Brokerage can help.

If you have tried to finance a trucking account recently you may have experienced sticker shock at the terms being offered. It is likely that you have seen high down payments, fewer installments, significantly higher interest rates and more stringent underwriting requirements if you can even get a finance quote at all. We can help you with the placement of your trucking and transportation accounts that would like to consider premium financing. We offer:

  • Decades of experience placing these types of accounts

  • Premium finance markets that cater to truckers

  • Ability to pre-underwrite your account(s) to address any unknowns prior to submission

  • Our Concierge Service PLUS program to help you manage your trucking book of business

For assistance in placing your trucking and transportation financing or if you simply want a second set of eyes to review your account, please contact us at 866-381-6501 or Premium Finance Brokerage, we work for YOU!