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2023 PFB Updates

Thanks to our wonderful clients, associates and business partners for helping PFB to have a very successful 2023. We wanted to take this time to reflect on some of our accomplishments, new product rollouts and service improvements from the past year. 30% growth over 2022 Fine-tuned our process to provide improved terms for good paying […]

Trucking and Transportation Insurance Financing Market

The current state of the trucking and transportation insurance financing market is very challenging to say the least. In order to try and help our clients, we have put together some tips that may help you navigate when putting together deals or programs in this space. According to various industry resources (CRC, Insurance Journal) inflation, […]

Premium Finance Success Stories

Premium Finance Brokerage has the experience, ability and the markets to help you with all of your premium financing needs. Here are some recent examples of accounts we have placed: $138k trucking firm placed at 17% down and 10 installments $14k medical doctor insured by a risk retention group placed at 10% down and 10 […]

Financing Small Policy Premiums

Is your current premium finance company not financing smaller policies? Have they increased their minimums recently? Will they turn away personal lines policies? If so, Premium Finance Brokerage (PFB) can get all of these financed for you! PFB has programs that provide financing for property and casualty policies of all sizes. We have financed amounts […]


Premium Finance Brokerage is excited to announce that we now have our very own app for your smartphone! On the app you can: Request a premium finance agreement or quote Submit signed finance agreements Make a payment to PFB Get assistance via email or phone Prospective new clients can download a new producer profile form […]

Insurance Agency Loans

At Premium Finance Brokerage, we strive to deliver the best premium finance experience in the industry. We do that by offering the most competitive markets, industry leading services and support while providing value-added products, including agency lending. Insurance agency lending can take the form of different loans and purposes. Agency acquisitions, building upgrades, technology purchases, […]

Happenings at PFB

All of us at Premium Finance Brokerage have been very busy lately continuing to build on our goals of delivering the best premium finance experience in the industry and promising to never lose the passion to satisfy the needs of our customers. In support of these goals, we wanted to highlight some of our recent […]

Cyber Security Insurance and Premium Financing

Cyber Security insurance is one of the fastest growing segments in the insurance industry. Annual premiums have reached an estimated $10 billion and are expected to grow to nearly $23 billion by 2025, according to Fitch Ratings. Also, composite cyber insurance pricing increased 48% in the U.S. in the third quarter of 2022, continuing to outpace […]

Financing Trucking and Transportation Insurance

Over the past year, trucking and transportation insurance has become an even more difficult niche in the insurance industry. Insurance carrier market options are declining while the ones that remain are making changes to underwriting criteria and increasing pricing. Insurance premium financing of trucking and transportation policies has similarly become even more challenging but Premium […]

Financing Seasonal Insurance Policies

At different times throughout the year, particularly now, you can run across seasonal policies or businesses that need financing. If so, please don’t get frustrated or intimidated by these accounts. Although different, they are not outside of the realm of premium financing and PFB is here to help. Some of the more common examples of […]

Alternative Lending

Have you ever had a situation where a policy, premium or balance due to the agency doesn’t fit into what the premium finance company finances? If so, read on as Premium Finance Brokerage (PFB) has solutions! Some examples of items that may not fit are short-term policies, non-financeable fees or policies written by unrated carriers. […]

We Work for YOU

Does your premium finance representative work for you or for the premium finance company? At Premium Finance Brokerage, we work for YOU! Like independent insurance agents, we work for our clients and represent multiple providers. This enables us to provide the most competitive financing program for all of your business. We offer a unique program […]


Part-Time Sales Executive We are seeking insurance industry professionals who want to semi-retire or work part-time and have control over their schedules. This opportunity comes with unlimited income potential and the chance to own your book of business in the insurance premium finance industry.  We can teach anyone who desires a second career or wants […]

Financing Risk Retention Groups and Unrated Carriers

In the world of commercial insurance, you are almost certain to run into a Risk Retention Group (RRG), a liability insurance company owned by its members, or an unrated carrier, one that does not carry an insurer ‘financial strength rating’ given by a rating agency like A.M. Best. Both can pose challenges when it comes […]

A Survival Story

For this edition of our News Post, we are going to pivot and share a personal, human-interest story and the associated importance of CPR training. Recently, one of our associates at PFB had a health emergency that rendered her unconscious as her heart had stopped. Fortunately, her son was home and was able to call […]

Premium Collection and Financing Tool

Could your agency benefit from any of the following? A premium collection and financing tool all in one Reduce time spent on premium collection Eliminate paper and time wasted handling documents Ability to collect down payments immediately when financing A FREE tool to help manage all of this If you answer YES to any of […]

The Prime Rate and Insurance Premium Financing

What is the Prime Rate? How does it relate to insurance premium financing? What else influences premium finance rates? These common questions and more addressed here! The Prime Rate is the most common and widely recognized index in the financial markets. It is used as a starting point for all types of loan interest rates […]

It’s all about the SERVICE

Providing good service isn’t an option these days, it’s a requirement. Although many companies say they provide good service, what does that actually mean and how does it benefit the customer? With Premium Finance Brokerage we can answer those questions. Premium Finance Brokerage is committed to the strictest ethical and service standards while offering the […]

Bankruptcy Premium Financing

Can insureds in bankruptcy obtain premium financing? Are there special forms required for premium finance loans for insureds in bankruptcy? What are the agent’s responsibilities? These are all important questions that will be addressed. The most important question on this topic is can an insured in bankruptcy finance their insurance premiums? The answer in most […]

Zero Down Payment on Additional Premiums

If you write trucking accounts, specialize in transportation or have any commercial business with endorsements you know how challenging those accounts can be. Premium Finance Brokerage (PFB) has solutions for you! One of them is the ability to finance additional premiums with no additional down payment. By not having to collect an additional down payment […]

Beating the Competition with PFB

Beating the competition is what business it is all about. Keeping your existing accounts and winning new ones is the only way your agency will survive over the long run and Premium Finance Brokerage (PFB) is dedicated to helping you, the insurance agency, do exactly that. There are many ways that PFB can help you […]

Yacht, Boat or Watercraft Insurance Premium Financing

Yes, we do have a market that will finance your watercraft insurance premiums! These types of accounts have some special needs and unique nuances so it is important to work with insurance markets and premium finance sources that have the experience and capacity to handle your accounts professionally and expertly. Whether your insured has a […]

Fending Off the Competition

In these ultra-competitive times with agents, brokers, direct writers and on-line platforms all competing for your accounts, it is imperative that you do everything you can to protect your existing business. Don’t become complacent. In addition to what you would normally do, be sure you are doing the following: Make sure your client has the […]


Writing an insurance account can be very difficult, so it’s important to keep that account from canceling unnecessarily. Premium Finance Brokerage, LLC (PFB) can help you manage your accounts and assist in cancelation avoidance. Being premium finance experts, PFB can provide tools and resources to help you maximize the profitability of your financed insurance loans. […]

Preview – Concierge Service Plus

Premium Finance Brokerage is excited to pre-announce the launch of a new, enhanced level of service to our premier clients.  We are calling it Concierge Service Plus (CSP). From the firm that recently rolled out the PFB Power Play (Link Here) and pioneered the Premium Finance Physical (Link Here), we have a history of going […]

Underwriting Large Accounts – The PFB Power Play

When it comes to premium financing, working large accounts can be very different from working smaller accounts.  Here we share some tips on how you can effectively handle large accounts and introduce you to the PFB Power Play. The PFB Power Play is a team of industry experts that help secure the best possible outcome for […]

How can Premium Finance Brokerage help a new agency?

New insurance agencies face many challenges including paying for startup costs, finding the right staff and obtaining access to markets to ensure they are competitive, to name just a few. These are no easy tasks. We want you to know that Premium Finance Brokerage (PFB) is here to help in a few ways! PFB is […]

Hurricanes and Commercial Insurance Premium Financing

With hurricane season right around the corner, now is a good time to think about possible hurricane provisions on your insureds’ commercial property risks. You may or may not know that many insurance companies include hurricane or seasonal earning provisions or endorsements in some of their commercial property policies. The endorsement will change the standard […]

What makes Premium Finance Brokerage Unique

Is your premium finance provider able to shop several finance companies to ensure you are getting the most competitive offering? Premium Finance Brokerage can do just that! Premium Finance Brokerage is built upon the premise of trust and choice. We are the largest privately held aggregator of premium finance in the nation. We work for […]