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Sales Executive & Business Owner We are looking for motivated self-starters who want to control their careers and their futures.  This opportunity comes with unlimited income potential and the chance to own your book of business in the insurance premium finance industry. While premium finance or insurance experience is a plus it is not necessary to […]

Preview – Concierge Service Plus

Premium Finance Brokerage is excited to pre-announce the launch of a new, enhanced level of service to our premier clients.  We are calling it Concierge Service Plus (CSP). From the firm that recently rolled out the PFB Power Play (Link Here) and pioneered the Premium Finance Physical (Link Here), we have a history of going […]

Underwriting Large Accounts – The PFB Power Play

When it comes to premium financing, working large accounts can be very different from working smaller accounts.  Here we share some tips on how you can effectively handle large accounts and introduce you to the PFB Power Play. The PFB Power Play is a team of industry experts that help secure the best possible outcome for […]

How can Premium Finance Brokerage help a new agency?

New insurance agencies face many challenges including paying for startup costs, finding the right staff and obtaining access to markets to ensure they are competitive, to name just a few. These are no easy tasks. We want you to know that Premium Finance Brokerage (PFB) is here to help in a few ways! PFB is […]

Hurricanes and Commercial Insurance Premium Financing

With hurricane season right around the corner, now is a good time to think about possible hurricane provisions on your insureds’ commercial property risks. You may or may not know that many insurance companies include hurricane or seasonal earning provisions or endorsements in some of their commercial property policies. The endorsement will change the standard […]

What makes Premium Finance Brokerage Unique

Is your premium finance provider able to shop several finance companies to ensure you are getting the most competitive offering? Premium Finance Brokerage can do just that! Premium Finance Brokerage is built upon the premise of trust and choice. We are the largest privately held aggregator of premium finance in the nation. We work for […]

Financing Assigned Risk Commercial Auto

We often get asked why the down payment is higher on financing assigned risk commercial auto policies.  The issue with an assigned risk policy is that it’s subject to audit.  Unfortunately, many of these audits are done during the policy term resulting in a premium increase.  These midterm increases drive the customer to shop their […]

Covid-19 Relief Loan

If your business needs help paying for the cost of insurance due to Covid-19, we may have some loan options available to assist you.  We can potentially offer a solution that enables you to borrow your insurance premium with no out of pocket cost.  We also have the ability to offer working capital and bridge […]

Your Premium Finance Partner

The last few months have been a real challenge for our society and a firm test of the human spirit.  I truly hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.  Our hearts go out to those who’ve lost a loved one or are still dealing with the impact of this pandemic.  There are […]


FLEXPAY is an exciting new workers’ compensation product. It combines the benefits of a premium finance agreement with the cash flow advantage of a Pay As You Go program. FLEXPAY is an ideal tool for insurance agents, wholesalers, or insurance carriers who are looking to offer their workers’ compensation clients a new and unique product. […]

Down Payment Financing

For the past 5 years we’ve been offering a program that allows an insured to finance their down payment premium. This cutting edge approach has enabled PFB to be the industry leader in this market space. Last year alone we financed over 1 million dollars of down payment or fully earned premium. If you have […]

Success Story – Homeowners Insurance

One of the best reasons to work with Premium Finance Brokerage is our belief in representing multiple premium finance companies. We do not work for a premium finance company; we work for you to bring you the best in insurance premium financing. Last week I received a call from an agency I recently started representing […]

Construction Wrap Policy

Premium financing is a fairly standard product given the annual policy terms of the majority of liability, property, and automobile coverages. Construction wraps are being utilized more these days given the recovery from the recent recession. These products are usually written on a variation of annual terms and the amount of installments is important to […]

Premium Financing 101

Premium Finance is the business of providing loans to consumers. Premium Finance, unlike a bank, provides an insured party the ability to cover the cost of general insurance premiums. Insurance premiums for both commercial and personal policies can be financed. The premium financing loan helps the insured alleviate the need for large up front capital […]

Agency Fees

Did you know that you can finance an agency fee? From time to time we’re asked if we can finance a fee that an agency charges their client. The simple answer is yes. The issue here is whether or not the fee is refundable. If the fee is refundable it can be financed, as long […]

Care and Professionalism – handling your account

One of the significant benefits of working with PFB is the ability to access the most respected premium finance providers in the nation. We’ve partnered with markets that all share our core values of trust, honesty and integrity. As the largest premium finance aggregator in the country we have the tools to satisfy the needs […]

D&O Insurance Policies

Did you know that most D & O policies have a provision that makes them fully earned when there’s a change in ownership or dissolution of the board? You may have noticed over the years that the underwriting process for D&O coverage has become more stringent. Typically, when a company is sold or merged with […]

Insurance Markets Continue to Harden

As the insurance market continues to harden we’ve recently had requests about financing smaller premiums with admitted insurance companies. One of signs in a changing marketplace is the availability of flexible direct bill options. About a month ago we financed a $1,500 property policy with a major national insurance carrier that was only willing to […]

Hints for Financing an Audit

From time to time we get asked why it’s so hard to finance an audit or prior balance. The reason is collateral. When an existing policy is canceled the return premium normally covers the outstanding balance on the loan. With an audit or prior balance there is no current policy that provides the collateral to […]